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Wellness Professional and Martial Artist, Breathing Specialist, Guided Meditation, Certified Laugh Therapy, Certified Infinity Circles (moving meditation) and Personal Trainer. Provide services for Queens Library, Healthways Silver Sneakers, Catholic Charities, Beth Israel Hospital, Elderplan & MJHS. Private consultation, Corporate classes and instructions to Individuals and all groups since 2004. Focus is on improving health, strength and functionality through laughter, breathing exercises, meditative practices, focus, relaxation, and exercises which significantly reduce stress and tension, creating a sense of peace. Specializes in Adult & Senior classes throughout NY and L. I.

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Guided Meditation

Swimming Dragon

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Infinity Circles (moving meditation)

 Various programs are offered based upon ancient (Qigong/Tai Chi) practices of health.

 Remember your Breath is the most important thing in your life.

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                          Swimming Dragon Qigong Form


Swimming Dragon Is a Qigong form that be done by anyone regardless of age or physical ability.  The health benefits of this form are well documented.

This form increases flexibility of all of the joints and the spine.  As the practitioner moves he or she imitates the sinuous movement of a dragon swimming.  This form cleanses and removes blockages from the endocrine system thereby stimulating metabolism.  It enhances and drains the lymphatic system in order to boost the immune system.  Swimming Dragon, done consistently, over time has been shown to reduce the circumference of the waist.  The movement of the body while doing this form also massages all of the organs, and specifically strengthens the kidneys. Here are some additional health benefits:

-reduces weight without dieting & stimulates metabolism

-increases & balances energy

-creates beautiful skin & helps eliminate wrinkles

-reduces tension by relaxing the body & calming the mind

-improves muscle tone & enhances flexibility in joints

-adjusts & stretches the spine.

-sends energy to vital organs by stimulating meridians

-naturally improves posture.

-massages deep muscles all the way to the bone

-frees and deepens breathing.

Practicing Qigong in as little as 10-20 minutes a day will change your life in many positive ways.