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Restorative Breathing (Qigong)



Assists the body naturally in reducing stress and calming the mind. Restorative Breathing relaxes the body to allow the breath to nurture  all the cells of the body, which becomes energized and rejuvenated. It eliminates stress at all levels giving you a true sense of peace. 

The aim of my program is a healthy body through stress elimination. With regular practice, one will perform better at work, sports and their own personal lives. 

Guided Meditation



Meditation stills the mind and relaxes the body. This  creates a sense of tranquility. While the practice of meditation relaxes the mind, it awakens its unlimited energy and focus.  Focus is present when the body is relaxed

Laugh Therapy



Laughter is good  medicine for the entire body. It exercises the lungs and abdominal muscles. It brings relaxation, new energy and enthusiasm to the mind. Laughter elevates the mood, reduces stress supports a healthy immune system.  I


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